PVC Conveyor Belt

VSI ENTERPRISES is one of the leading Manufacturers and suppliers of PVC conveyor belts, which are sourced from worlds renewed and trusted manufacturers. Our unmatched quality industrial conveyor belts are known for their high strength, lateral stability, durability and longer life. We have eased the customers by offering world class conveyor belts at the most competitive market price.

72o Shore A cover hardness. Good resistance to animal fats, vegetables and mineral oils. Suitable for conveying food as per FDA/USDA requirements. Conveyor belts for food products of any kind and size. Cover x cover belts are used in the agricultural and food sectors.

PVC Conveyor belts are manufactured with polyester reinforcement.  These belts are very low elongation and low noise level. PVC conveyor belts are available in different colour Like Apple Green, Dark Green, Black, White, Blue and Grey. Shore.

Standard Available Profiles : Centre Guide Sizes : K-6, K-10, K-13, K-15, K-17 with plain and notched
Lateral Cleats : L-20, L-40, L -60, L -80
Side Walls : W -40 x 5, W -60 x 5, W- 80 x 5.

Special Features :
FDA / HACCP conveyor belts for Food and Pharma Industries, Antistatic conveyor belts for Electronic Industries, Oil & Cut resistance conveyor belts for Sheet metal handling and Automotive component, High Temperature for Food industries Wood industries and General product conveying, Non-sticky, Low coefficient of friction on top side and bottom side, Oil skimmer belts.

Application Areas :

  • Food & Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Tobacco Industries
  • Fertilizer Industries
  • Soap and detergent Industries
  • Automotive Industries
  • Steel Industries
  • Paper and Printing Industries
  • Sheet Metal Handling
  • Electronic Industries
  • Tea Industries
  • Packaging Industries
  • Battery Industries
  • Marble and Granite
  • Logistics Airport
  • Wood Industries
  • Tyre Indutries